“The importance nutrition plays on performance and reaching specific body composition is a must for a fitness trainer like myself. Helping my clients reach spcific goals here at Turning Point Strength and Conditioning is made easier by Eat-Fit by Nohime. They offer proper nutrition and make it effortless. You’ll definitely want to check out Eat-Fit by Nohime!”
~ Steven Horwarth - Performance Coach

  “Being a professional fighter for over 11 years, with a very buy schedule, Eat-Fit by Nohime creates healthy, great tasting food, delivered right to my door. No more diets that didn’t last long, I can concentrate on my training, get home and have a delicious, healthy meal waiting for me. No more bland chicken, Eat-Fit prides itself in a variety of meats and vegetables, all prepared differently each week. As far as a great diet plan - it’s been the best decision of my career.”
~ Holly Holm - UFC Bantamweight Champion
  “Keeping on the cutting edge of my diet has been made so much easier with Eat-Fit by Nohime. No more lost time and super expensive meals I needed to prepare for myself. The work is all done for me, so I concentrate on my fitness practice, my business and my teaching. Eat-Fit serves up healthy affordable meals and they are delivered to my house - just heat, eat and I’m ready to go!”
~ Jodie Esquibel - Professional Athlete, Business Owner And
Yoga Instructor
  “Cutting weight for a fight has never been easy, but now with Eat-Fit by Nohime I’m in the best shape of my life. I no longer have to worry about preparing just the right meals. Now I just grab and go and feel completely satisfied”
~ Michelle Waterson - Professional Fighter